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Ring Light with Tripod Stand for Youtube & Tik-Tok

Description of Ring Light with Tripod Stand

What is Ring Light ?

Ring Light is a Simple lightning tool that is commonly used for making videos & Macro Photography. It is used for make an attractive and effective catches on a subject and also used for true light balancing.

It is usually made for LED’s or a number of small bulb forming with a circle or just a circular tube like structure, it will be connect via one to one LED’s in a row formate with some electronics equipments like diode, capacitors and some resistors.

Ring Light with mobile Holder

Why we use a Ring Light for videos or photos ?

For an additional glamour shot Ring Light can be used, when we make any videos, or photography we focus on faces or any of the object then we required a good intensity of Light, so we use as Ring light for an object or subject focusing to make for efficient look for photos and videos.

Why we use Ring Light with Tripod Stand?

We used a platform called Tripod to adjust photography viewing, so we required Ring Light with Tripod Stand.

Tripod means there are three adjustable leg with some adjustable rods so we adjusted the tripod to hand screw those are fitted into the tripod, Ring light will also screwed on the top of Tripod.

setup of tripod satnd

Ring Light is Used for:

  • Wedding Photography
  • For youtube videos
  • TikTok videos
  • Macro Photography
  • For Green Screen videos
  • Makeup videos
  • In beauty parlour or salon

Ring light Youtube video

Before you buy a Ring Light with Stand, you need to consider the factors below:-

Cost: Everyone want to buy a good product in a cheap price. Buying a ring light is more expensive in past but now a days you can get a very effective ring light under INR 3000.

Dimensions: if you are buying a ring light who’s diameter is >10 inches that will be great because its stability, flexibility and focusing are very impressive on any subject.

But if you are buying a Ring Light with <10 inches diameter will be also good, but it will be less effective in comparison to Ring Light with >10 inches diameter, you can use it for small business purpose or for startup businesses.

For better compatibility the length of the Ring Light wire should be >2 meter.

Durability: Don’t buy a cheap ring light made of materials like plastics. Such ring lights are not effective.

Brightness level Settings: when you buy a ring light that gives you a wide range of aperture settings to work so that you can take your best shots.Ring light switches

The Ring light have three mode of colour White, warm white(yellowish) & Pink and also it will gives brightness level control features.
three modes of Ring light

Accessories Required: Some of the ring lights can be mounted on the wall, which can be used for parlour, salon face treatment etc. But most of them have to be put on a tripod stand which can be heavy, so we choose the light weight of the tripod stand with leg grip and hand screw to adjust the height.

Also mobile charger is required to plug the Ring light USB wire. (charger 100v – 240v)

See this Video How to setup Ring Light with tripod Stand

List of some Ring Light :-

Price Under INR 3000/-

  • 10 inches Big LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand Photo and video for Smartphones & camera (SHYLOC)
  • 10 inches Ring Light with Extendable Tripod Stand (MAKECELL)


Price between INR 3000/- to 5000/-

  • 24 inches Big LED Ring Light with 6 feet tripod stand (SHYLOC)
  • 24 Inches  Ring Light with Tripod Stand for Tik-tok video, wedding photography, You Tube,Video Shooting (SYL PLUS)

Price Above INR 5000/-

  • 18 inches Ring Light with 9 feet Tripod Stand connect with Hot Shoe Adapter, Smartphone Holder, Best for YouTube & Tik-tok (JSTBUY )
  • 18 inch Led Ring Light with Silver Light Stand Lighting Kit (NEEWER)

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