Audio Smart sunglasses

Smart Audio Sunglasses with Open Headphone

Smart Audio Sunglasses with Open Headphone

The term “Smart Sunglasses” comes with various features of technology. It has also built many gadgets inside us and they give various of task in our technologies era, like smart sunglass with audio, video, spy cam, inbuilt with smart lens etc.

Bluetooth audio connectivity Sunglasses made by many of the companies but one of the most famous companies  made these smart Sunglasses which are named “Bose”.

They made two types of look in the frames:

  • Larger squarer Alto
  • Smaller rounder Rondo

Squarer and rounder Rondo sunglasses

How to connect audio in Bluetooth connectivity Sunglasses?

When we connect the audio to the smart sunglasses we have an android phone or iPhone, then we connect via bluetooth and we use individual apps for iPhones to Bluetooth-beam music to the Bose sound shades.

  • First we download the Bose connect app
  • Then press the button on your sunglasses, you’ll hear a voice telling you which device is connected to and battery percentage
  •  Only one button in the sunglasses when we click the button to connect the apps, it’s really fast connectivity in between them
  • There is only one button on these sunglasses, with one click you can pause/play a song or accept and end the call, when we double-click then skip that song, triple-click to go back to a song.

Features of this: Smart Audio Sunglasses with Open Headphone

We use as per your convenience by volume up/down, when we are in quiet room or any of the place we use at 60% of volume, and whenever you are in street place then we use harder volume upto 100%

Sunglasses SpeakerBuilt-in Bose Speaker
Alto Frame Dimensions52 mm – 18 mm – 162 mm
(Lens width – Distance between lenses – Temple length)
Rondo Frame Dimensions49.5 mm – 15.5 mm – 154 mm
(Lens width – Distance between lenses – Temple length)
Battery lifeCharging time 2 hr; Streaming time 3.5 hr
Operating SystemsiOS: 9.0 or newer/ Android: 5.0 or newer

Connectivity Range of Bluetooth audio smart Sunglasses :-

The connectivity range of this bluetooth is 30 feet or 9 meters. The distance between smartphone and Audio sunglasses is 9 meters then we will connect with each other, otherwise we can not connect.

Battery life of Smart audio Sunglasses :-

Battery life of these Sunglasses depends upon its music volume and mAh of the battery, So we charge the frames is accomplished with a proprietary magnetically connected power line that plugs into any USB charger.

  • Fully charge with in 2 hours and delivers about 3.5 hours of music listening at moderate levels, or 12 hours of standby time
  •  Unique magnetic USB cable is use for charging


  • Good entertainer hiding out in these shades
  • User stay engaged and safe with their ears
  • Also give a smart look via Sunglasses with headphone
  • Voice command will be there for play/pause, stop or next, etc
  • Shatter and scratch-resistance, and UVA and UVB protection


  • Only 3.5 hours of battery life
  • Recharging with requires a proprietary cable
  • On an iPhone, the only music apps you can control with voice commands are Apple’s own
  • Shades of these sunglass won’t hide in the pocket of your skinny jeans
  • The case isn’t a charging case, and there is little water resistance
Price of the Bluetooth smart sunglasses:-

As for the price in India –  INR 20000/-


Speaker of sunglasses

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